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Splitty is a tiny full HTML5-JS speedrun timer that you can run in your browser. It'll allow to time your runs, create splits, measure your performance compared to previous runs in real time and more to come!

To begin creating a new timer, click on the New Timer button.
If you already have a saved one, click on the Load Timer button.
If you just changed browsers and have a saved timer on your hard drive, you can import it using the Import timer button.
Finally, you can change your global settings using the Settings button.

Import timer

Load timer

Edit timer

The name shown in the list of your saved timers. It will not be shown in the timer view.
The name that will be shown on the top of the timer. Usually, the game name with the run category.
If set, this will be the time before the timer actually starts when the start button is pressed.
Splits Add split

Timer control

Now you've created or loaded your timer, and you're ready to play ! Just click on the Start button below to start the timer. Then, you have 3 possible actions:

  • Tick time for a split (the most common thing you'll do)
  • Navigate splits (if you split too much or if you have to skip a split)
  • Reset the timer (if you restart your run)

With these actions, you should be able to manage your run quite easily. Of course, if you're running, aiming and clicking on buttons is quite hard. To address this issue, you can also use keyboard shortcuts to do these actions:

  • Use Space to start/split
  • Use Down arrow to skip
  • Use Up arrow to go back
  • Use Backspace to reset


Here are the settings that don't rely on the timer, and will work during all of your timer usage.

Gamepad settings

You can use some buttons of your gamepad through Splitty to split during your runs if you're playing on emulator. This has been made because since the timer is in a browser, it's impossible to split while being on the emulator window. Of course, these buttons are configurable, and you can select which controller you'll be using, in case you have more than one.

Button bindings